VexedTech-Episode 36


VexedTech – Episode 36 “Back to the Future”
Featuring Paul Salzman, Sam Crawford & Mike Boylan

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In This Episode:

  • We’re back from hiatus
  • Mike Boylan sits on the panel
  • iGerard taking a powder
  • Consuming media with Mac Mini or Apple TV
  • Tracking data on the LAN and trading Macs
  • Apple iPad: our thoughts, debate
  • Ford Sync / Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Flash vs HTML 5 vs Silverlight
  • Over the air HD, Media Center Blues, Cable Card conundrum
  • We’ll be at Macworld!
  • Listen to upcoming interviews from CES 2010
  • Crying babies and more…
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Recorded: February 8, 2010
Posted: February 9, 2010
Length: 01:23:45
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