VexedTech-Episode 35


VexedTech – Episode 35 “Late to the (OS) Party”
Featuring Paul Salzman, Gerard Massey & Sam Crawford

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In This Episode:

  • We’re sorry
  • What’s happened since we’ve been away?
  • Magic Mouse and mousing discussion–how do you use yours?
  • Making money on YouTube
  • Photo show for laymen?
  • Nikon S1000 with Pico Projector
  • Windows 7 Released–thoughts?
  • VMWare & Parallels with Windows 7 on a Mac
  • Windows 7 is severely overpriced–may as well buy a new machine–by design?
  • Microsoft’s strange packaging of Windows 7 features
  • Gerard installed Snow Leopard (finally)!
  • Ubuntu releases new 9.1 and we love it
  • Housekeeping and new schedule
  • Gerard needs a sponsor for Macworld
  • …and a bunch more!
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Recorded: November 4, 2009
Posted: November 7, 2009
Length: 01:07:42
Be sure to check the Web site for more information about the show and to submit things to us that vex you in the world of tech.
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